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Want to know some information about your devices like network, UDID, battery, storage, RAM usage? When was the last time you locked your phone or opened apps and swiftly backed up your iCloud? You’ll now be able to access your device’s information, everything and everywhere.

Accessibility Gestures

Comes with 7 different gestures to open iDevices.


Enable or disable iCloud backup easily and check when you last backed up your iCloud.


See all your devices including laptops and apple tv’s and see what generation they are.


Have the ability to see how much each device’s battery without even having to go on them.


See how much storage everything takes and easy to navigate sections including: iPhone, iCloud capacity and iCloud media.

RAM Usage

Have the accessibility to see how much memory usage you’ve had or haven’t used in total, used and free


Learn more about the app in every section like iPhone, Network, battery, accessories, screen, processors, motion, localisation and last but not least debug.


Have the access to see all apps you have, when you last opened it, and if you haven’t opened it at all!


Have each tweak be organised into groups for what kind of tweak they are and how many are in each group.

Last time locked

See when was the last time you locked your phone.

Last time unlocked

See when was the last time you unlocked your phone.

Last time respring

See when was the last time you respring your phone.

Last opened app

See what app you last opened.


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Supported iPhone on iOS 14 only
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Unsupported for iPad


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