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Have you ever been texting someone but doing something else at the same time? Isn’t it annoying having to go back and forth and back again? Thankfully, that problem has been solved, because of iConnect.

Floating button

Once you’ve enabled the tweak, the floating button should appear, you can move it around your screen if it’s in the way of something.

More colour options

You can change the accent colour and add a background of your choice.

Pinned messages

All pinned contacts will show exactly like they do in the Message app.

More options

You can choose between two different styles which are compact or full screen.


All messages and contacts are the same as they were in the iMessages app.

Known Issues

When using the iConnect chat, you can’t send photos from camera via the chat’s app drawer its because springboard doesn’t have permission to use the camera outside sandbox app.


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Supported iPhone on iOS 14 only
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Unsupported for iPad


• hyperixakit

• hyperixa

• rocketbootstrap


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